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Social Impact Conference

City Awake

City Awake is Boston's Social Impact Conference. It brings together Boston's impact organizations, businesses, funders and general public for a 10-day conference that shines a light on the approaches and partnerships that are working to uproot long-standing issues and drive social and economic progress in our region. I volunteer as the event's head of marketing, working to bring new attendees, partners and volunteers into the organization. Learn more about City Awake.

United Way

United Way Community Impact Committee

United Way generates funds and partnerships to target greater Boston's most entrenched social issues. It is, in my opinion, one of the most effective organizations out there when it comes to driving progress for children, families and neighborhoods in this region. I serve on United Way's Community Impact Committee, a subcommittee of the Board of Directors that acts as an advisory body to provide guidance regarding: goals and objectives, agency relationships, and disbursement of funds in fulfillment of the mission. Learn more about United Way.


Evertrue Donor Intelligence


Evertrue is donor intelligence software that layers social data on top of an organization's donor database so they can better understand and segment their donor population. After a year of admiring Evertrue from afar and getting to know a number of people on their team, I signed on as an advisor for their marketing and customer aquisition strategy.  Learn more about Evertrue.